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“I sought a method to share Bikepacking World Tour Bucket List in real-time location with you Bikepackers and family, but traditional internet tracking proved impractical for my planned remote trails like in Botswana  where internet access, even via cell towers, would be scarce. Fortunately, I discovered the Garmin inReach Mini and its MapShare feature, utilizing GPS satellite positioning and messaging capabilities.  


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Live Track Exclusive Access to my Bikepacking Adventures! In real time mile by mile One of the incredible benefits of Live Track is the ability to interact and share Ideas. Imagine me receiving a message from you like, “Hey Mark, you’ve got to check out that stunning waterfall just a few miles away east from your live location is now. I camped under the stars there years ago, and it was absolutely amazing!” With Live Track, you’ll have the opportunity to connect in Real time anywhere in the world and experience the adventure firsthand. 


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Not only that, but if you happen to be in the area as I pass through, let’s meet up for a refreshing cold beer. There’s nothing better than connecting with fellow Bikepacker’s enthusiasts, sharing stories, over a cold beer and discussing our mutual love for this exhilarating experience. It’s an opportunity to forge new friendships and create lasting memories along the trails.


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Join me on Patreon as Navigator today and be part of this incredible Bikepacking adventure. With Live Track, personalized  recommendations, and the possibility of sharing a cold beer together, the experience becomes even more enriching. Let’s explore the great outdoors, create unforgettable memories, and Cheer’s to our passion of Bikepacking friendship