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    This is the story of my Bike the Beast and I, embarking on a series of thrilling bucket-list adventures. I've decided to capture each unforgettable journey in a beautifully crafted journal and an exciting YouTube video for you all to savor and enjoy.

Embark On Solo Expeditions

A Decade Of Bikepacking Adventures Begins

Embark on a true story as I guide you through my Bikepacking Blog, spanning across 12 captivating countries. Join me on solo expeditions, where I push the boundaries of my endurance alongside my faithful Fatbike all apart of my Bikepacking Bucket list.

Over the course of the next 10 years, I have planned an in-depth series of Bikepacking expeditions . Where I will delve into every aspect, from researching the routes to carefully selecting the ideal gear. Experience how I packing for international flights while navigating the intricate world of customs and visas. Feel the surge of excitement as I arrive in each new destination, assembling my bike and immersing ourselves in vibrant local markets to gather essential supplies.

With regular section updates every 250 kilometers, you will be fully immersed in the rich tapestry of cultures, tantalizing cuisines, and captivating encounters along the trails. In addition to the blog, you can indulge in dynamic 1.30-minute documentaries on my YouTube channel of each country, featuring in-depth gear reviews, breathtaking drone footage, and the pure thrill of adventure THE GOOD AND THE BAD AND THE UGLY


Overcoming Challenges

The Ultimate Adventure Awaits

Though the original plan was to embark on continuous back-to-back adventures, circumstances intervened. I started in late 2019 in Australia, where I faced the unprecedented wildfires that made cycling through still-burning trails and breathing difficult. The places where I had camped were engulfed in flames shortly after. After consulting with firefighters and experienced outback bikepackers, it became clear that the best course of action was to wait until April 2020 when the fires would subside, and nature would rejuvenate. I left my bike behind and boarded a flight back to Vietnam with the intention of returning four months later.


However, the world unexpectedly (or perhaps it was planned) went into lockdown due to controversial gain-of-function research in a lab in Wuhan, China. Everything went to shit, and it took me two years to rebuild a new bike as mine was left in Australia, as I had originally planned to continue the adventure. Eventually, financial struggles forced me to sell my old full carbon fatbike.  

During the lockdown, my focus shifted from bikepacking to living in confinement and spending my travel money on living. Once Australia lifted its lockdown, I found myself in a state of limbo due to their strict rules, which required people to have an experimental drug that had no proven effectiveness against COVID-19 or its spread basically it didnt work . I refused to put that so called vac into my body, having already contracted COVID-19 twice and having previously overcome tuberculosis. My immune system had proven resilient. So glad I stayed pure blood with all the reports of excise deaths coming out now ..   I patiently waited for the Australian government to abandon these mandatory vaccination requirements. In 2022 they drop it and got a visa within 24 hours 

Additionally, the arrival of my son necessitated a change in plans, leading me to undertake these adventures in sections rather than continuously. Each trip will now be limited to a maximum of three months, allowing me to return home, work, and spend precious time with my son.

Join me as I conquer each section of this grand journey, savoring the experiences, and cherishing the moments of connection with nature and fellow travelers. Together, we will embrace the spirit of exploration, overcoming challenges, and finding joy in the discovery of new horizons.

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