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    Join me on an exhilarating bikepacking journey and witness the impact your support can make! Your presence, whether through uplifting comments, encouraging messages, or the thrill of receiving PayPal notifications from generous contributors, fuels my determination and passion to share captivating content with all of you.

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Your Support Makes A Difference!

Join the Bikepacking Adventure and Support My Journey: Every Contribution Counts!

When you join me on this bikepacking adventure, your support truly makes a difference. I feel your right beside me, whether it’s through your comments, messages, or even the exciting PayPal notifications that tell me, “John Smith just bought you a beer for the road.” Your engagement keeps the spirit of exploration alive and inspires me to create captivating content to share with you.

I made a conscious decision to avoid intrusive advertisements that flood the screen while reading other Bikepackers’ blogs. Instead, I’ve sought alternative ways to fund the additional expenses that come with running a website, covering hosting costs, and documenting and filming the adventure for all of you to enjoy.

It’s important to mention that I have a modest budget of $10 a day. This budget allows the freedom of camping every night and cooking my own one-pot meals. While it may not be a large budget, especially with the extra cost of documenting the adventure, website hosting, camera gear, editing equipment, etc.

Every form of support you provide, no matter how small, helps me extend this adventure and create more engaging content for you. Whether you choose to watch my YouTube videos, become a Patreon member, share my social media content, or even contribute a few dollars to my journey, your contribution allows me to continue living this extraordinary experience.

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Unveiling The Adventure Behind The Scenes!

By supporting me on Patreon, you become an integral part of my bikepacking journey, contributing directly to the documentation of this incredible adventure. Your support enables me to capture every moment, from the breathtaking landscapes to the challenging obstacles, and share them with you in a way that truly immerses you in the experience.

As a patron, you gain exclusive access to behind-the-scenes footage that goes beyond what is shared on public platforms. You’ll witness the raw and unfiltered moments, the highs and lows, and the stories that unfold behind the lens. It’s an intimate glimpse into the realities of Bikepacking and the dedication it takes to bring this content to life.

But that’s not all. As a token of appreciation for your support, I offer special perks to my patrons with tier membership levels . You’ll receive direct messaging privileges, allowing us to connect on a more personal level. Additionally, you’ll receive postcards from various stops along the journey, each one carrying a piece of the adventure directly to your mailbox. And to keep you in the loop in real-time, you’ll have access to live tracking, so you can follow my progress and be part of the excitement as it happens.

Your support on Patreon ensures that I can continue documenting this adventure in its entirety. It allows me to share the challenges, triumphs, and hidden gems with you, and brings us closer together as a community of bikepacking enthusiasts.

So, if you’re passionate about Bikepacking and want to delve deeper into the adventure, consider supporting me on Patreon. Cheers

Nothing Better Than A Cold Beer:

Support The Adventure Cheer's!

When it comes to asking for support, I know you’ve seen many bloggers and YouTubers asking for donations with phrases like “Buy Me A Coffee.” But as an Irish adventurer, coffee with whiskey is more my style. That’s why “Buy Me A Beer” is better suited to who I am and the experiences I want to share with you.

There’s truly nothing better in this world than cracking open a cold bottle of beer after a challenging day’s ride, especially when it’s been chilling in a stream while I set up camp. That moment of pure refreshment and relaxation fuels my spirit and brings a unique touch to my blog work and YouTube videos. It’s amazing how creativity flows when there’s a beer in my hand.

However, as the saying goes, I have two hands but only one mouth. That’s where you come in. By buying me a beer, you not only support the adventure but also become an integral part of it. In return, I will proudly feature the names of those who buy me a beer in the credits of my YouTube videos, ensuring that your contribution is recognized and appreciated.

Join the adventure, raise a glass! Support my creativity by buying me a beer. Let’s toast to unforgettable moments and biking camaraderie. Cheers, guys! Buy me a beer and be part of the journey.

Watch the Tube Adventure unfold

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In 2016, my Bikepacking expedition through Sri Lanka sparked a new journey. Captivated by sharing what i learn in setting up my Bikepacking rig. I recorded a raw, unedited video showcasing my meticulously curated gear. Without expectations, I uploaded it to YouTube, and logged out , and embarked on a two-month adventure.


A year later, upon reconnecting with my YouTube account, I was astounded. The simple video had amassed over 70,000 views, with a flurry of comments, likes, and a growing community of over 2,000 subscribers. Over the years, I continued to sporadically share rough cut Bikepacking kit lists videos, fueling my passion as a gear junkie.


As time went on, the channel flourished, attracting a dedicated following. Today, I’m humbled and grateful for over 7,000 subscribers and 1,000,000 views. Not bad for a channel filmed solely on an old GoPro Hero 4, embracing the essence of raw, one-shot videos.


Yet, I must acknowledge that this achievement wouldn’t be possible without the unwavering support of fellow Bikepackers like you. Your engagement, from watching and liking to leaving comments, magnifies my content within the vast realm of the YouTube algorithm.


However, a subscriber posed a question that resonated deeply. They asked why I solely focused on bikepacking gear setup videos, neglecting to document my actual trips. The truth is, I’m more of a gear junkie than a filmmaker. The idea of pausing to capture perfect drone footage or spending excessive time on editing detracts from the pure joy of riding. The memories alone suffice for me . But it got me thinking—should I limit myself to gear reviews? My bikepacking setup is dialed in after years of testing, rendering additional new gear unnecessary. As a result, my setup has evolved into a durable, independent style. With all my gear in place, I embarked on researching the art of bikepacking documentaries. For the past two years, I’ve immersed myself in filmmaking, assembling the necessary camera and editing gear. You can check it out here. Stay tuned for weekly YouTube content capturing my bikepacking adventures.


If your passion for Bikepacking and a desire for greater exhilaration in your own journey, I extend a sincere invitation to subscribe to my channel. Immerse yourself in captivating narratives, showcased through my revamped camera setup and documentary-style approach. Although I’m still navigating the learning curve, I believe the content holds great promise.


Your support—through subscribing, watching, liking, and commenting—. one video at a time. Cheer;s

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The easiest way to support me is when you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, I regularly update Instagram and Facebook directly from the trails while I’m touring. It’s a seamless way for you to receive real-time updates, ensuring that you stay connected and engaged throughout the entire Bikepacking adventure.. Imagine joining me on epic adventures where cycling through storms becomes the norm, pushing both myself and my bikepacking gear to their absolute limits.

Through my consistent updates on Instagram and Facebook, I’ll take you along on my journey as I explore uncharted territories and conquer the untamed elements..

Your support means a lot to me, and subscribing is absolutely free! Stay connected, be apart of the Solo Bikepacker Adventure,